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Insulated Concrete Forms

Insulated Concrete Form - ICF Construction

ICF is a new trend in home construction. ICF stands for Insulated Concrete Forms which are cast-in-place concrete forms which are pieced together to build the walls and floors of your home, and can also be used for the roof.


ICF is one of the most energy efficient, fire proof, sound proof and sturdy materials in home construction. It is perfect for harsh Canadian climates to hurricane and tornado prone areas. The use of insulated concrete forms is up to ten times stronger then typical beam and post building allowing for creative, flexible and open spaces within the home that can't be matched by traditional home construction.


Over time an ICF home will save a home owner money through reduced heating and cooling costs and insurance costs. They are typically less maintenance and incredibly durable. They can also be built with radiant heated floors and the use of Geo Thermal heating and cooling that further add to their energy efficiency.


ICF doesn't add a large overall cost to your home, estimates are 2% to 5% more then traditionally built homes. This difference is easily made up in the energy efficiency and savings on your gas and hydro bills.

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